About Me

I feel uncomfortable talking about myself but apparently if you clicked here you want to know. I guess I'll start by saying, I love the Lord and I am so thankful for this newfound revelation that He loves me too! I grew up in a Baptist church in the south and I accepted Christ at about eleven years of age. I spent most of my time outside of school in church Bible Study, youth ministries, and things of that nature. However as I became more independent and moved away from home I fell out of church. I just did my own thing. I believed in God, I just wasn't "into all the religious stuff". I did not desire to be, I felt like it was too formal and impersonal.

About eight months ago, the summer of 2010, a lot of things in my life began to quake. After the death of my grandmother, I really desired and searched for God. I began to read my Bible, listen to the word through different online ministries, and fast. Then I came to the conclusion that I never learned how to have a relationship with God and it showed in every area of my life. I was blessed to start following World Changers Ministry. I really learn (yes present tense) what it is to have a relationship with God and how to study the Word and apply it to my life. Through this new understanding I have been awed, amazed, and so in love with God! It has changed my whole perspective on life.

Now, I am confidently walking in his love and guidance in every area of my life. I am a better wife and mother (of four). I am a new person all around. He amazes me more everyday and I can't fathom why anyone wouldn't accept Him as their own. This blog is a documentation of me finding my calling, learning to hear His voice, and being a disciple in ministry.

I'm just starting to blog and I am still guarded about my family life but I'm opening up more. So we can see from here how much I open up. At the time of writing this, it is really no secret because my mother is my only follower. LOL! But for your reference I have four of the most amazing children. If I had to describe them I would say they are Daniel 1:4 children. They bring me tremendous joy and I am truly blessed to have them. My oldest is Suga Moma she is five. She has chunky cheeks like Suga Moma of the Proud Family and she is just as sweet. Suga Moma just started K and has grown so much. She is now loquacious and outgoing...still very new to me. Next is Beans, she is three very energetic, athletic, and compassionate. Beans is followed by Noonie which should be Queenie because she is just so majestic and pampered. She is a very loving and caring two year old. Last but not least is my Fred. FINALLY a boy! Fred is a man-child. He is ruggedly handsome with a smile that shines (dimples included). His personality is just starting to emerge at 15 months but so far he is sweet, boyish in every sense of the word, and lovable and loving.

Last but not least is my other half, Mr. BeeMore. We have been married for five years now and honestly it has been a challenge but we are still here and thriving! We grow more together everyday and I am really starting to admire qualities in him I never knew he had. For example, he is very handy, if I actually ask and allow him to do a task. Imagine that! (See why I need Jesus! I can be a bit much without him!)

I guess that is about it...no I can't forget our dogs. We don't have her or him yet but the kids are praying for two so we shall see it come to pass. :)