Friday, April 1, 2011

Blown or Planned Course?

Image provided by Michal Marcol 
In recent months I have spiritually grown, having found a minister that really teaches. I feel as though under his leadership I have not only a better understanding of a fruitful relationship with God and the Word of God but also the knowledge of how to apply it in my life. It amazes me how simple the answers are when living under the Word of God.

Continuing to read the Word and grow, I have areas in my life that I know needs improvement. In the past couple of weeks I have been struggling with consistency and actively ministering to others. I felt and sometimes still feel as though I don't do enough ministering. I am selfishly wrapped up in my life, my walk, and my family that I just didn't make time to minister to others and I don't know what my ministry is. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided to start blogging. However, I didn't follow through with actually posting or spending enough time in prayer or studying to do so. Well, this morning after praying. I heard seek and you shall find. To me it meant search. Usually when I have devotion, I say God where ever I open my Bible to today, that is the word you have for me. But this morning I heard, seek and you shall find. So this morning I sought for disciple and discipline because that has been in my spirit in the past few days.

Do you live your life by happenstance or are you seeking? What is it that you should be seeking in God's word for today? Please comment and share. 

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