Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pretty As A Presents

Often we miss out on our blessings because of the packaging. I was talking to a friend of mine today about her recent experience on a new job. She was judged and ignored because of her appearance to make a long story short. Her new co-workers spent half the day is silence in her presence until they began to talk over her. One co-worker was consoling the other about the recent lose of her parent to Alzheimer, when my friend chimed in on the conversation. Come to find out all of them had lost a parent in the last year to the disease and the once cold, silent office became a hub of strength and encouragement. By the end of the workday a bound had formed and new friendships made.

After listening to her speak on the matter, I thought how often do we miss our blessing because it isn't packaged as we expected to be. How many times have we missed an opportunity because it looked like a problem or a challenge. The Bible speaks on judging others based on appearances. (James 2) Furthermore as Christians we should train ourselves not to be deceived by appearances because we walk by faith.

One of my favorite stories about persevering in the faith is Joseph. He went from being sold into slavery by his brothers, wrongfully imprisoned by his master, to the second most powerful man in Egypt. It looked bad for him but he maintained his faith in God and there were great rewards for him.

Remember to keep your faith and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your decisions and not what a situation appears to be. Be blessed.

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