Monday, April 25, 2011

My Confession

Stating the obvious, my blog is called My Life, My Ministry. The title originated out of my frustration. I had joined a church that did an awesome job of incorporating all new members into a ministry. However, I felt like ministries available didn’t fit my lifestyle. At the time I was a pregnant mother of two small little girls, without personal transportation. I just didn’t have the luxury of commuting an hour and a half for an hour long meeting to commute another hour and half on a weeknight. So while venting to my mother, I told her I don’t have to be on a committee to minister. My life is my ministry!

Well, moving on to today. Since I started blogging, I haven’t really shared much of my life with you all so I decided again motivated by my frustrations (I know I’m continuously working on that.) To be more candid. My confession is I am wrestling with my mouth. Today taming this tongue of mine was like wrestling the Rock. But I am going to victorious. I know this Christian walk is a fight, a good fight and I know I will win!

Another area of my life I am dealing with is TV. I don’t watch much but I have recently felt convicted about what I have been watching. I was a big crime drama fan. NCIS, Criminal Minds….Criminal Minds, CSI, NUMB3RS I enjoyed those shows. Then one night while watching Criminal Minds (the third episode in a row) I thought. I spend four to six hours a night watching murders, molesters, sin. But I couldn’t focus more than twenty minutes in prayer. I started to cut back. As of now I haven’t watched Criminal Minds in a week or more.

The other show I stopped watching which I found even more difficult to quit is Operation Repo. I recently found the show and it has been very addicted. My personal beef with me watching the show is as a Christian I feel like it is wrong for me to be entertained by other people’s lack. So I felt like in order for me to continue living the blessed life, I had to cut it  loose.

My final confession for the night is I missed my evening prayer two days in a row.  My nights have been a downward spiral following the absence of prayer. It seems like everything becomes totally dysfunctional and complicated and I just can’t break away from the chaos long enough to pray. As a result, I decided to move my prayer to four and start cooking dinner afterwards. I know once I follow through with prayer my peace and favor will return and concluding the day will be bliss under the blessing.

Well, these are my confessions, and a glimpse into my life. Be blessed and be encouraged.

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