Monday, April 18, 2011

Finding My Way

The past week or so has been very exciting and victorious for me. As for the blog, it has been as you can see... poor, because I haven't posted. So today I am starting my 60 day challenge. There are some core areas of my life where I really need to be consistent to go to the next level so the next 60 days I am challenging myself to post daily on my blog.

Some other areas I am overcoming in the next 60 days include exercising, reading to each of my children daily (I have four and do group readings but they need more specific age appropriate reading.), and daily confessions.

Are there areas in your life that you need to be victorious in, but inconsistency is stumping you? Be victorious today by starting with me and we can go together to the promise. God promises us a blessed life but we can be our biggest obstacle from receiving the blessing.

I'll keep you posted on my victories, and you keep my posted on yours. We already have the victory so lets receive it and achieve it!

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