Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Real Easter, Part 1

Proverbs 19:23 The reverent, worshipful fear of the Lord leads to life, and he who has it rests satisfied; he cannot be visited with [actual] evil. (Amplified Bible)

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As Christians, we are God's chosen people. That is an awesome thing! Through Christ's sacrifice we are now heirs to the throne. Resurrection Sunday is just four days away and I can't help but get excited! I can't help but get inquisitive. Why do we celebrate Resurrection Sunday the way we do? What significance do eggs, bunnies, and hot cross buns have to do with this holy season?

Growing up, I remember the Easter egg hunts we attended at the church. It was fun to win the prizes, eat the candy, and find the coveted golden egg. I also remember, the Easter speeches and plays. One year in particular our youth ministry arranged for us to go to a neighboring church's play. It was a huge production of the crucifix. This was before the movie, Passions of the Christ, so it was as graphic as I have seen or even heard the story told before. 

The visual presentation wasn't like HBO or anything, but the illusions of the nails going through his hands, the thunderous sound effects, and acting made for a real eye opener for me. Before I never really associated excruciating pain with the sacrifice Christ made. I didn't know the history of death by cross. I didn't understand the extent of his sacrifice. I couldn't fathom the emotional tsunami that drowned him through the process. He bared the weight of the world's sin!  The guilt, the shame, the loss self worth of my own sin is overwhelming. Now multiple that by trillions of people's sins. He did that! At that church production, I gained understanding,  I was moved. I was confused.

What did the fun Saturday in the park have to do with what I just experienced? What does Easter really celebrate?

Like I mentioned before, I don't like long posts so this will be continued. Be blessed and come back for more truth. (Keep the opening scripture in mind because we will tie it all together soon.)

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