Friday, June 3, 2011

Free to WIN!

Last Friday, I started my Free Fridays. I just wanted to share different freedoms that are manifesting in my life. Initially, I thought most of these post would be about how I'm working toward financial freedom, but so far it hasn't really taken that course.

Well today, I won! I won a three month subscription to E-mealz from fellow blogger Joni at Six Cherries On Top. Honestly, I'm super excited because this is the first blogging give away I won and even more exciting this is the first one I prayed to win. As I mentioned before I follow a lot of food and craft blogs as well as quite a few others with most of these blogs having great give aways like stand mixers and beautiful jewelry and quilts. I often enter to win thinking, that would be nice, or I could use that, but this entry was different.

How so? Well for starters, most blogs give you multiple entries via twitter and facebook. Sad but true, I'm usually not interested in doing so...I have a thing with sensory overload. I have your blog on my Reader and that is good enough for me, although the prize is enticing I often opt out. However with this blog, I tweeted and liked and did as many entries as possible because one, FINANCIAL FREEDOM! I really am declaring financial freedom in my life and controlling our grocery budget is a good step toward doing so. Second reason for wanting to win ever so badly, Dave Ramsey endorsed E-mealz so I'm confident I will find this to be a valuable, reputable service. Finally, I wanted to win because E-mealz have multiple plans that fit my family's eating habits and budget. 

I'm blessed yeah, yeah, I'm blessed! (still doing my victory dance.) I pray that you be blessed as well. Remember to be a blessing to others. Joni you are a blessing to me! Finally remember that through Christ we are victors in every area of our life. BE FREE TO WIN!

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