Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Summer Life of Bees

Tomorrow is the first day of summer break in our household and I'm excited to have all my Bees home for some summer fun. As excited as I may be, I still feel some pressure of making the summer enjoyable, managing a healthy, affordable (effortless!) diet, and continuing education.

So as I looked at our block schedule we use during the school year and noticed that without having to pick up and drop off my big girl to school, I've reclaimed nearly two hours of my day. Initially I was excited, but after thinking through my goals and blocking our time...the excitement waned. The reality is that is more time I have to entertain my children! By entertain I mean planned, productive activities.

Let me explain. I have five goal headings for this summer.

  1. Financial Freedom. Still working on it and don't plan on blowing cash this summer! In addition to working on creating an additional source of income, but that's under wraps. I'll let you know in due time. ; )
  2. Simple Summer Fun. Growing up I lived on the coast and there was not shortage of free fun around our parts. Living in Philly, I'm trying to recapture some of the simple summer pleasures to experience with my children. I'm sure I won't find a spot to go crabbing here, but I look forward to catching lightening bugs and blowing plenty of bubbles. 
  3. Continuing Education. I don't plan on having  full school day, but I am going to work on some core areas with my little ones for their academic success. I promise no more than two hours a day! Plus reading! But reading is apart of summer fun! I also want to find some where for us to do some charitable work this summer. Honestly with my children age range it will be just gathering some things for the Goodwill and explaining what and why we are giving away the oh so loved_______ that I haven't seen or used in three months. (I believe you have to teach charity and service.) I also found a gem of a book called A Faith to Grow On....looking forward to devotionals with the Bees!
  4. Cooking! I like to cook. I love to BAKE! I want to maintain our grocery budget but I also want to make room for some new meals to try. More importantly I want to come up with some easy, possibly cook-less meals that we can enjoy when it's just too hot to think about turning on a burner. I also am collecting homemade "instant" foods recipes like pizza rolls so I don't burst the budget buying those convenient snack foods.
  5. Exercise! I need to loose some pounds. I was doing well but with the recent increase in summer produce and my love for baking, I've cookie, cobbled my way back to my weight starting point! So some good old self discipline and a good dose of ex-er- cise...I'm out of breathe just saying it. (LOL) I should be back on track to a healthy, (cuter) weight.
So what are your plans, goals, happenings this summer? If you are going on a lavish tropical getaway or a road trip PLEASE share! I love travel. Anyone in Philly with some know of good free summer fun? Who's having Vacation Bible School? Let me know!

Be blessed and be a blessing,

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