Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1-2-3 Please Forgive Me

Continuing our "Heart of the Matter" series, today we will look at three of the twelve keys to a repenting, clean heart. This past week I was talking to my husband about a meeting with our property manager. My intentions were to keep him abreast of the arrangements made for repairs however by the end of the conversation it turned into flat out gossip. During the progression of the conversation, I thought and said, "I digress.", but I still continued. When the conversation concluded, I felt disappointed and remorseful because I knew I was wrong. My first act following, was "Lord forgive me." Then I proceeded with my day.

As the day unfolded, I was still feeling burdened from the sin. I just felt like the matter wasn't resolved. So I began to praise. In my thinking, I felt like it's just the enemy trying to convince me to wallow in it. I asked for forgiveness so the matter is resolved. Well, after praise and worship, my heart was still heavy concerning the matter. The whole after noon had passed so now I'm talking to God like, really what's going on? Is there something I'm missing, I said sorry. What more is there?

(If you don't know me personally, I'm quick to shrug my shoulders and be done with a matter. Like okay I did what I was suppose to do it's over.)

With that attitude and the heavy heart I began to question, "Is there more to repenting? Is it not enough to ask for forgiveness and strive to do better? So reading Psalm 51, I realized there is more to repenting. A lot more.

1. Know God. The Psalmist knew that it was God he sinned against and that is was only God that could forgive him. More importantly David knew God. He knew that God was loving, merciful, and tender hearted for him. It wasn't in His nature or His desire to want to be wrathful toward David. Often times I think people portray God as a villain by thinking it is to His liking to see us suffer or thinking that we were created for His entertainment and bad news make for good television.  No, God is good and all that He created it was good. Which brings us to...

2. Know who you are. David addressed that fact that he was a sinner. He like all of us was born into sin. I know for me, after becoming a Christian I had a hard time saying, I'm a sinner. It wasn't that I thought I could do no wrong, however I just didn't want to admit to the fact. However, through my stubbornness I was hindering myself from a more intimate relationship with God.

3. Sincerely seek forgiveness.  David asked repeatedly, more than ten times to be cleansed, washed, purified. He asked God to hide his face from his sins, blot out his transgressions, deliver him from his blood guiltiness.  Reading over this I reflect on times when we want something from someone. We really desire to have it. So we please, please, please pretty please with sugar on top, make our petitions known. However, in my personal experience (you may do better) when I ask to be forgiven, it isn't nearly as lavish as my plead for the "must have it thing".  As a human I would question my sincerity, more so I would question my integrity. Are you making light of sin, it isn't a big deal?  This led me take seeking forgiveness seriously as it should be. My sin separates me from my God. That is a big deal.

Well family, that is the first three of the twelve keys to a clean, repenting heart. Continue to meditate on this scripture please as we progress through "The Heart of the Matter."  As you meditate on this word or any word of God for that matter more will be illuminated for you. Please share your illumination with us. Be blessed. be a blessing, and see you tomorrow.

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