Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's The Word?

Have you watched the movie Jonah? The VeggieTales movie. It's my mom kids favorite movie. There's a scene when Jonah freaks out because He wanted to ignore God and everyone asks him, "What's the Word?". However what Jonah didn't think about the fact that the people weren't trying to make him feel guilty but he was their mediator to God.

Then I thought about 2 Kings chapter three. Three kings came together to go to war. All their troops, horses, and cattle have been without water for seven days. One asked, does anyone know a prophet? They had a problem, knew who could solve it, but couldn't contact Him.

Point being in the Old Testament, going to God was reserved for priest and prophets. But thank God for Jesus, our Mediator that allows us to communicate with God personally and freely. What a privilage it is to carry everyting to God in prayer.

 Do not take for granted God's love and mercy! He gave us a direct line to Him, use it. Family be blessed and be a blessing.

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