Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reading A Transitive Verb

Reading seems to be all the buzz in our house here lately. My big girl, Suga Momma, is learning to read. My mother and best friend are devouring new books. I seem to be missing this reading business. I mean I read my Bible. I read blogs, mostly food blogs but I haven't had a good book in a while. 

Preparing for homework time, I thought how accomplishing it is for my big girl to begin reading. Then I thought, she hasn't really began to read yet because very little energy is put into comprehension. 

That led me to my morning devotion. I read to hear a word from God about my day or whatever I'm going through. I read to further my learning from a sermon or a song lyric or a saying I hear a lot in church. I read to understand the nature of God and His expectations of me. I often pray for comprehension. However I often fine myself rereading passages because I really don't understand or something isn't clicking in the application process. I understand what it reads as but I don't understand what you want me to do with this information.

How about you? Why do your read your Bible? What are your motives for devotional? Reading is a transitive verb, which means it is characterized by having or containing a direct object; of, relating to, characterized by transition. (as Merriam Webster defines it) That made me think, when reading the Bible we should be transitioning the contents from the book to our heart, from our heart to our actions. However to do so we must understand the contents.

So family I leave you today with this:

 Let your heart retain my words; 

      Keep my commands, and live. 
       5 Get wisdom! Get understanding! 
      Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my mouth. 
       6 Do not forsake her, and she will preserve you; 
      Love her, and she will keep you. 
       7 Wisdom is the principal thing; 
      Therefore get wisdom. 
      And in all your getting, get understanding. 

I love you. Be blessed and be a blessing. 

Oh and I wrote this to tell you I'm reading a new book. I will be sharing with you all my thoughts as I read. The title is You Secret Name by Kary Oberbrunner. Have you read it? What where your thoughts?

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