Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three Life Changing Discoveries From the Closet.

Earlier this week I signed up for , Focus of the Finish, a challenge to complete tasks I have been putting off. I decided to finish unpacking my bedroom from our move this past February. Well, after discussing it with the husband, he said he would rather me clean out our catch all coat closet. (There isn't a single coat in it!)

The closet is in our living room behind our office space. Needless to say it is often used for "quick toy cleaning" as well as storage of things that haven't been placed or missed yet.

I started pulling everything out about seven yesterday. I continued to go through box after box until about two this morning. Through the process thus far I've learned three critical things about what I chose to keep in my closet.

Fear will bury you!  Pulling everything out I was submerged in debt. I literally had boxes full of unopened letters from collection agencies. Some dating as far back as 2005, which means I carried my debt for six years, from five homes, across four states. Which leads me to point number two...

Hidden guilt will dictate your life. Instead of dealing with my problem I hid it in boxes and carried it along. All the while, my debt determined how I lived and where I lived.

Face to face confrontation is a liberating catalyst.  Although I haven't resolved the issue with my debt, just opening the envelopes and disposing of the contents has lifted some of the weight of my debt. I know I have to take responsible actions to settle accounts and restore my credit, but honestly I feel like the battle is already won. I know that the battle is already won because Christ spilled blood from his hands delivering us from poverty and purchasing abundance in our lives.

I'm excited to continue to dig through this closet and get it clean. Not just to reclaim the space in my home but to reclaim the promises of God through Christ. More so, I'm excited to see the my daily confessions manifest in my life! Do you have daily confessions, a scripture that you profess into your life daily? If you do not I encourage you start today. If you don't know where to start, pick an area of you life you desire change. Find a scripture that highlights the promise from God. Write out your confession and attach it to a scripture. 

Example: You want your business to prosper. A scripture you can use is Deuteronomy 8:18. Your confession can be God has given me the ability to create wealth. I can establish a successful business. Then you must continue in faith.

Be blessed and walk in the promises of God in your life today. He will not withhold any good thing from you, but are you willing to accept it?

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  1. RESTORATION! Thank you for reminding me that although our God can perform an instant miracle, He often leads us through a process. I'm going to get started today preparing to recieve my promises.