Friday, May 13, 2011

Hot Kitchen Confessions

It is really late…and I’m barely skating in before midnight with this post. (Actually writing in live writer praying my connection is restored! But trust me this is good!)

It began with some plumbing troubles, and unlike Desperate Housewives, I didn’t get one hot muscular Mr. Fix It. I got one tall dark and handsome at noon. Later he was accompanied by Mr. Congeniality. Then Mr. Muscle joined the party. And then it was rudely interrupted by Mr. BeeMore. (By interrupted I mean, Mr. BeeMore called me out and said YOU DID THIS!) Yeah, I know this sounds all hot and juicy…but let me be clear it was U G L Y.

The ugly truth I must CONFESS! I did clog the pipes. Honestly, I DIDN’T KNOW BETTER! However I like the kinder approach to the trio verses the direct, factual approach of my husband’s condemnation.
My kitchen was hot, it was filthy, and it was all my fault. Everything you are not to put in a garbage disposal with the exception of bones…I had. My sink was totally clogged and pushing nasty chunky water ugghhhh back up. It took a team to get in there and really muscle through clog and all the other problems that spurred up as a result. There was a lot of heavy tools, man power, and way too much head shaking for my taste, but at last I have drainage on one side, and that will get me through until Monday.

In retrospect, isn’t that the story of our life before accepting Christ? You do all the things you are not suppose to do until you clog up. Until you reach that point when emotions, addictions, destruction is just bubbling up and taking over you just keep putting the debris in. Then finally without room to push in any more mess, mess begins to come out…mess you can’t control. Who do you call, who can you turn to when mess is getting too hot, too dirty to maintain your façade of life?

Jesus, he comes in  with the heavy tool. He comes the with the blood that overthrows death, the grave, and hell. God our father, loves us pulling the gunk out until living waters are able to flow through. Finally the Holy Spirit guides us as we continue to improve.  As we seek understanding we erode away the mess and debris. Finally we are fully functioning in the grace and strength of God.

So, as you probably read this, it is a new day. So I pray tonight that you start this day with full blessing of God operating in your life. Unlike my drain that is barely in working order, I pray that you are clean flowing pipes of God’s love, mercy, and abundance. I pray the the overflow from your sink be welcomed because it is the water of life that heals, restores and cleanse those seeking more than the mess that is in their life. Family, be witness to God’s awesomeness today and be blessed.

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