Monday, May 2, 2011


Last night I went to bed late and I have been dragging my feet all day. Although my body has sluggish, I am thankful to have a song in my heart. Like most people lack of sleep results in a poor attitude, and I haven't experienced that today, praise God.

On another note, I haven't done any work requiring thinking today. I am still preparing for Lemonade Days and this process has really been stretching my faith. I have a a big vision for our stand this year and I am trusting God for everything. I am learning to be prayerful in all things! I am keeping an encouraging scripture in my mouth to cancel out the doubt and double talk. It has been a challenge thus far but it has been a blessing overcoming the mental battles.

As for housework, I'm feeling victorious, and I am excited about a new recipe I'm trying tonight! ( I enjoy cooking but not as much as I enjoy baking!) Well, I have to run, but in the mean time SING WITH ME!

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