Friday, May 27, 2011

Free To Accomplish

Yesterday I expressed my opinion on multi tasking and touched on the subject of Jesus delivering us through His blood. >here< Well, today I wanted to share how I deal with longer projects and repetitive task to give you an idea to defeat multi tasking. This isn't some revolutionary concept and it is definitely isn't "expert" time managing advice but it is how I have grown to be more consistent and responsible.

For me I try to implement the same five strategies to accomplishing daily task and larger projects. (by larger projects I mean tasks that can't be completed in one sitting.) Before I get into the five strategies I would like to share a little about my personal habits and personality. First, I don't like doing any one thing very long. I like variety, and I like frequent breaks when I'm being physically challenged. Second, I try to keep interruptions to a minimum when doing physical labor, however I prefer music or sound in the background. On the flip side, when accomplishing mental oriented task, I prefer the opposite. I want to do it until it is done and I want to be alone and in silence. Now to the five strategies:

1. Prayer. The Bible says pray without ceasing and we should. Inviting God into every area of our life allows Him to propel us to our best. Furthermore it takes the uncertainty out of the unknowns we encounter. My mother closes her email with this quote. "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."  -- Corrie ten Boom Doing so we can proceed in anything with confidence and joy. 

2. Confession. I attach a confession to almost everything now. I have seen so much growth and change by speaking the Word of God into my life. As a matter of fact I added a new confession for myself and my children this morning to address the increase in bickering in the house. Like all my confessions is it short and simple: Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God. I am peacemaker. Speaking life into whatever you are doing regardless of how you feel, you plant the seed of His blessing to manifest in that area of your life.

3. Plan. My mother always told us "Plan your work and work your plan." Proverbs 21:5 The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty.  Remember poverty isn't not having money, poverty is lack.( finances, health, joy, etc.) For me, I know that when I plan, I am forced to analyze the situation more accurately and adjust my time and energy accordingly.

4. Expectation.Pastor Rod did a lot of preaching on learning to harvest just before Easter. I learned a lot from his messages but the one thing that really stuck with me: When you sow, sow with expectancy. I know in my life I would give of my time, talent, and finances without expecting anything in return because I thought that was the right thing to do. However, through his teachings I realized I was being counter productive of my faith by not expecting a return on my investment and I was limiting God to work in my life.

5. Block Scheduling. I have learned to time daily tasks like dishes, a wash cycle, cleaning the bathroom so that when I schedule my day I know exactly what I can get done is a set period of time. I also apply this block scheduling to my larger projects by limiting how long I will work on a given assignment. For example, my husband and I are working toward financial freedom. As much as I would like to finish sometime like yesterday! The reality is there is a process of exchanging information, mailing letters, receiving letters, making phone calls, etc. So for an hour a day, three days a week I work at it. When mail, or email comes about the subject I put it in the folder to be dealt with during those times. When debtors ask when is a good time to call, I give them those specific times. This takes discipline and punctuality but it has it rewards because I can clearly track progress but more importantly it reduces stress and anxiety. 

Scheduling in blocks has its perks I like when I finish early and I want to relax, I can without feeling guilty. If I want to get more accomplished in the window of time I know what I can start and complete in that opening. Finally, it allows me to keep track of priorities and keep my heart in the right place. I can look at me schedule and know that I'm spending time with God, my family, and taking care of my responsibilities.

You may be inquisitive about unexpected happenings when planing on a block schedule. Having four children, six and under allows me to completely understand your concerns! However, I don't schedule my life to the minute. I have ten to twenty minute buffers. Furthermore, this is the ideal plan of my day but I don't allow it to dictate my day. I know my top priorities which can't be compromised as well as task that can be suspended, so when the unexpected happens I can make adjustments accordingly and still get things accomplished. I also have my "twisting twos" for things like I can do laundry and cook dinner at four but if the weather is nice we can eat a quick meal and do the park and I'll do my reading at the park instead of at nine and do my laundry at nine. So be free to live!

Well family, I pray that this was helpful to you. I plan on using Friday as a time to share with you different testimonies about how God is delivering me out of different things in my life. Through Christ we are FREE to live the blessed life and I encourage you to do so. Be blessed and be a blessing.

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  1. I thought that your message was very inspiring and encouraging keep up I like what you wrote. UJB